Saying Goodbye

At some point in our lives as pet owners we all must face the day we dread the most – the day we help our dog or cat cross over the rainbow bridge. This is never an easy day for anyone, and it can be made even harder because we must inevitably make the decision […]

Are you Reinforcing bad behaviours in your dog?

Dogs have a completely different language from people, which can contribute to misunderstandings and accidentally reinforce bad behaviour. If you are in a situation where your dog is acting extremely anxious, the instinct is to touch the dog gently and soothingly say “It’s all right”. This would be completely appropriate with a person. What a […]

Happy Thanksgiving

While you enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend with your family and friends, We would like to remind you that there are many hidden dangers that can seriously harm your dog or cat on this holiday. Some of the biggest dangers that this holiday can pose to your pet are: FOOD: rich fatty foods from the turkey, […]

Welcome to My blog

In this blog I will be providing the reader with very useful information on pet care to help them be more responsible pet owners. I will be writing articles on specific diseases, offering information on proper nutrition, Behaviour and obedience training, selecting the right pet for you and your family, as well as preventive health […]